So this cruise I gained 6 pounds. It's really hard to not gain weight when you can order multiple 4 star entrees and appetizers and desserts without paying more. We chose Carnival this time and ended up on the ship called Destiny. We don't have many photos on the cruise ship but here is one from the mini golf course on the top desk. There were 3 dance shows with showgirls as well as a great juggliger. There were two comedians, the first was great, the second was only so-so until he started reading some suppsedly real complaints in the carnival cruise database.

Here is my favorite.
A lady calls up the front desk and claims that her microwave is broken. The staff explain that her room has no microwave at which point she gets irrate. So they send security down to straight out the situation. The officer arrives and calms her down, then helps remove her bagle from the room's safe.

Jackie's Favorite
The Islands need to be moved closer together

Grand Cayman
On day 3 we visited the Grand Cayman islands. Once there, we chose to walk to the beach instead of taking the taxi or spending $80 each on an "excursion" to the beach. We were glad we did as the beaches all had sand too coarse to kneel on and the water was filled with rocks requiring water shoes. At least the beach we walked to was our own private one as none of the tourists were there. Admittedly it was a little nerve wracking being alone in a strange place, but it didn't detract too much. The island is flat and has everything that Illinois has including a burger king. Nothing much to report here and I don't recommed visiting unless you want to walk to the town of "Hell" for fun.

Jamaica - Ocho Rio
Day 4 landed us in Jamacia which is a gorgeous rain forest. They have these little ferns that close up when you pet them. There is tons of stuff to do, but we were warned to book through one of the affiliated providers as parts of Jamaica are not safe. We were glad we did because our dinner friends told us they both picked up a personal salesman that would not let them be the entire time they were in the shopping area. Meanwhile we were taking a bus to the top of the mountain for some zip lining.
What you don't see in the pictures is the two lines that were straight down. There is a break that slows your fall, but the catch is that it's controlled by the guy at the bottom. So you get to leap off a cliff and hope you'll be braked.

Some may agree that the trip up the mountain was scarier than the zip lining. We traveled on a one lane, two way road that was a sheer cliff the whole way with very few guard rails. It was also the worst "paved" road I've ever been on. The driver made light of them by saying they were a free "butt massage" but it really needed to be redone. At least the bus was air conditioned.

Jamaica as a whole is in a pretty sad state. The US has extreme poverty and wealth, but at least there is a quite a few miles between class areas so you don't have to stare at each other. Most of the houses on the trip up the mountain had half a roof and several walls that were missing. The school was a warehouse with no windows and sparse furniture. Ocho Rio itself is a tourist town who commerce is mostly control bed on one guy who inherited it from his grandfather. They only visit once every 3 years and the only interest in the locals they have shown is a private school that accepts 30 students per year. As you drive along, you'll notice livestock like goats tethered to the side of the road. These are owned by people who have no property so tied their animals to government land. Supposedly if you hit one with your car, nobody will claim it to avoid paying for repairs but if you try to steal one... guys with machetes are in your future.