Midway airport was alright. Security makes you take off your shoes now when you go through the detector. Jackie realized later that she had a pocket knife in her carry on baggage, but they didn't notice on the way there or back. We made it through security with plenty of time to eat Breakfast. We chose Harry Carry's restaurant in the terminal, but were disapointed with the mediocre food. At least our stomachs were full. Our plan departed on time and we were off to Ft Lauderdale.

After a 40 minute bus ride, we arrived at the ship. We were a bit annoyed at the bus driver asking for tips even though the transfer pass says specifically that the pass already included a tip. This wasn't nearly as bothersome as the pier crew who asked for tips to move our baggage aboard the ship. They were the most careless baggage handlers who were seen flipping luggage off of stacks and throwing it across rooms. I don't know about you, but getting our baggage on the ship is a minimum requirement for the job and there is no room in the job to go above and beyond to earn tips.

The security check points to get on the ship were much worse than the airport. There were at least 10 stations where we had to show id and reaffirm the ID they gave us matched our photo id's and birth certificates. It took close to an hour to get on board. Our cabin was beautiful. Our whole wall was one giant window overlooking the water. The bathrooms were a bit scary since they were suction toilets and very, very loud! A King size bed, a couch, TV, two closets, and a dresser took up the rest of the cabin. I have to mention that they give you a "sail and sign" card which is your room key as well as your method of purchasing things on the ship.

We spent the remainder of the day wandering around the ship, taking some photos, and napping until dinner. Dinner was a yummy buffet, but we don't remember any specifics. There was an opening show after dinner with welcome aboard information and a comedian who mostly made fun of cruise ship toilets and eating too much.

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