The Engagement of
Michael Plichta and Jacquelyn Kapelinski

Early in 2005 I decided that I wanted Jackie to be my wife. I began saving for a ring and making plans. Unbeknownst to Jackie, I booked a 7 day cruise around the Caribbean and called her boss to schedule a week of vacation for her. Jackie's father, Mark Kapenlinski introduced me to a good friend of his in Indiana who owned a jewelry shop and helped me purchase a ring for her. Jackie's family agreed to pack for her and have her things ready on the day we were going to leave, May 21st.

On Saturday, May 21st at 4AM I woke Jackie up and told her we were going on a cruise. It took her a few minutes to realize that I was serious and started running around like crazy! Fortunately I had created a list of things to pack so we wouldn't forget anything last minute. The stretch limo arrived at 4:45 and took us to the Kapelinski's house.

At the Kapelinski's, her entire family and my entire family was there waiting to send us off. The Scovics, who where roommates of my parents in college, were visiting at the time. It was during this send off that I popped the question. Jackie accepted amongst cheers of both our families. Lots of pictures and happy goodbyes sent us on our trip to Midway airport.

The stretch limo was amazing!! The entire ceiling, the driver partition, and various other places in the limo cycled through different colors and pretty patterns. We listened to the radio and still remember "boulevard of broken dreams" by Green day. Granted the topic wasn't really romantic, but the song is really pretty, one of our favorites. Jackie snoozed with her head on my lap for most of the trip. I had to play with all the buttons in the limo. Eventually we arrived at the airport.

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On to the Cruise Ship